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National Arts Festival

It’s been a while since I last posted. My sincere apologies to my millions of readers 😉

I’ve just returned from Grahamstown, annual host of South Africa’s National Arts Festival. I’ve been trying for a while now to come up with a clever joke about losing my NAF-virginity. No stroke of genius yet.

What an incredible experience! 6 days, 39 shows, 1 exhausted overachieving female. Need I say more?

Yes, yes I should say more. This is a blog after all, not a Facebook status.

I am part of the “Rainbow Generation” in South Africa.  I was born in 1994, the same year of our first democratic general election. All I have ever known here is freedom. I have friends of all races, religions, sexual orientations and classes. However, as a member of white middle class society, one does still feel guilty about Apartheid.

This is a difficult position to be in. My heritage tells me to be proud of my people group, but ashamed of the acts we committed. But those views challenge other questions I have. Is it my responsibility to feel guilty about my country’s past, or should my focus be on uplifting our future? How fine is the line between respecting and remembering our past, and creating victims through Apartheid media?

These thoughts plagued me often  during NAF,  as many of the shows I watched were in some way Apartheid inspired.  Madiba’s expected passing added fuel to the already burning flames.

I am a 19 year old white female. I am Christian. I am South African. I am an actress.

I am struggling to pay proper tribute to a struggle that I can never claim to have been part; by virtue of the fact that I wasn’t born yet.

I know to respect all those around me. Regardless of colour or creed. I know that thousands died so that my peers and I could live in a free, democratic country.

I just don’t know what I did to deserve it.

*The attached picture is of the set from Cadre. The play tells the story of white-on-black and black-on-black violence during the latter years of Apartheid. Not to be missed! A Market Theatre production.



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