I’m busy clearing out my email. 815 (mostly) meaningless bits of information from (mostly) meaningless people. This is proving to take excessively long.

I remember when I was little, my mother subscribed to a writer named “Flylady”. She was supposedly this incredible woman who could revolutionize your life by her incredible organizing techniques. A Martha Stewart if you will, but without the tax fraud. Once a week, mom would get an email, changing the way she thought about something. File dividers should be put on top of each other, not next to. Create a space that is meant for you and you alone-a room for reflection. These suggestions ranged from the practical to the practically absurd (at least in the eyes of a 9 year old). But mom loved them all.

I suppose now, 10 years on, I see the value in “Flylady”. A reminder, once a week, to clear out the clutter in your life. Separate what helps and what hinders your life. Be swift, and decisive. Never hoard. Nostalgia is for the weak. Other seemingly profound thoughts.

I’m now on 145. According to Gmail, I have 14 Secret Admirers and 6 Love Gifts waiting for me. How exciting!

82. I feel like Christopher Columbus. If Christopher Columbus had a really full inbox and was trying to clear it.

I’m done. Just found an Orange Crusted Polenta Cake recipe right at the end. That genuinely is exciting, possible makes the whole process worthwhile.

Clutter is underrated. Yes, most of it takes up space you don’t have, and gathers dust you don’t want. But, every once in a while, you find a true gem. A yummy-sounding cake recipe. A photo of your brother playing golf in his underwear. Other incriminating evidence.

Thanks all for doing this with me. You’re fantastic.

But now I need to pee.




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