Little Talks

I, as I’m sure many other bloggers did, had to struggle to find an appropriate address for this collection of meanderings. Every single clever, funny, poignant or thought-provoking title I came up with was already taken. I’m not sure if that’s a reflection on my lack of creativity, or on others’. Let’s go with others’.

I often find myself spending my day consumed with little talks. “We need milk. Please go buy some.” Thus begins the half hour excursion to the shop 800m from my house. Who is coming with? Have you got shoes on? Do you have cash, or should I bring my card? Can’t someone else just bring on their way home? Michaela needs jelly tots for school. Little talks.

These little talks are highly underrated. Chaos would ensue if our small, insignificant daily interactions were cast aside. No one, or everyone would buy milk. Complete chaos.

My life is made up of little talks, often revolving around the same three things. Whatever I’m making for supper, my (aspiring and virtually non-existent) acting career, and my Christianity. Three little words: food, drama, God. Three big conversations.


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